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Celebrating BAME Leadership and Talent;

Our services include:

•School Outreach •Networking •Motivation Training •Advertising

The mission of the 'Beyond Margins' project is to recognise and applaud the various BAME activists, students and professional individuals in, and around, Surrey for their phenomenal ability and achievements; it also aims to encourage and motivate BAME individuals to strive for success and to realise their own potential. 

This project delivers school outreach sessions with focus and attention on young BAME future leaders and talent; it designs strategies to encourage diversity and inclusion for staff and faculty; it organises events which serve to inspire and motivate BAME individuals; and promotes the current contributions of BAME people to their communities. The social discourse around inclusion and diversity is changing, it has gone beyond the tokenism and moved into a space of structural reform and meaningful actions. This project is not only designed to uplift those who have already made, and still making, great contributions to shape and serve the communities around them, it is designed to inspire those who wish to help in the future, by giving advice, demonstrating how their skills and talents can be useful to numerous causes and by giving them opportunities to put their skills to great use. 

The 'Beyond Margins' project is a way of creating hyper-visibility for the under-appreciated/unrecognised work of BAME people and aims to build a mutually beneficial relationship between students and the community.

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