Renée Landell is an AHRC funded doctoral researcher in the School of Humanities at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her research interests include literary and critical theory, Caribbean neo-slave fiction, Black British writing, and ecocriticism. She is currently writing up her PhD thesis titled (shorthand) We Run Tings, Tings Nuh We, a postcolonial ecocritical study of Caribbean neo-slave narratives. Through her readings she argues that we can explore the relationship between human and nonhuman violence and resistance during slavery by identifying the revisions and rejections of anti-Black stereotypes in Caribbean writing that radically work to rewrite the body and promote positive ecological practices. Alongside her research, Renée is also the multi-award-winning founding director of Beyond Margins UK, a race equity and justice movement. She is also the co-founder of ‘Black in Arts and Humanities’, a global online network of Black scholars and practitioners alongside Dr Hannah Robbins and Dr Leighan Renaud. In 2021, Renée signed with Silé Edwards of Mushens Entertainment, a leading UK literary agency.